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EASI Spaces

Workspace upgrades and turnkey solutions

Transform existing spaces into functional Studios

The 'office' or 'study' space in residential buildings is often an afterthought and one that has been usually created from a spare bedroom. We rather like to think of offices as 'Studios' that are purpose built to perform a very particular range of functions much like a kitchen is purposely built for preparing food and entertaining.

We recently completed our first Proof of Concept Studio in Brugge, Belgium.

Smiling Woman
“I have found my magical place where I can retreat to focus and perform”

Alexa Young, Product Manager

Configurable Studios completely personal to you

We are currently developing a standalone modular Studio that is manufactured off site, easily transportable, and effortless to install. Highly configurable, the Savanna Studio is unconstrained by the dimensions of an existing space and truly translates the best of the EASI methodology into a platform that can be enjoyed for years.


Curious to see what's inside?

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