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Smarter Working Simplified

Work habits and spaces that are healthy and productive.

What exactly is Smarter Working?

"It is the practice of allowing people to work where and when is best as long as it delivers results, saves costs and respects our health and the planet."

Our EASI Rituals form the foundation of this approach

The EASI Rituals

The EASI framework distills all the activities performed by most knowledge workers into four categories. Whether you're an Architect, Developer or Executive, we can all recognise these in our daily working lives.


Unfortunately most of these daily activities are insufficiently supported at home and in the office preventing you from being productive whilst adversely affecting mental and physical health.

EASI provides routes to improve work satisfaction through education and guidance, suggesting the right supporting products, designing and developing essential Spaces, and offering a network of Places that enable distributed working of the future.


Re-charge the mind & body to restore and build vital energy.


Communicate your ideas to serve personal value to others.


Create & learn with your mind & body to generate personal value.


Collaborate with others to mine and leverage team value.

What is an EASI Space?

The facts

*These are just some of the findings provided by the Leesman Employee Satisfaction Survey. To get an even deeper insight into office and home worker satisfaction, visit


Tour our Workhome concept

How can you get started?

Get going by making a few small but powerful changes to your work habits by reading our guide; dive in deeper and upgrade your workspace; or benefit from our membership network of inspiring places to work from.



The definitive guide to work at your best.



Workhome upgrades & turnkey modular Studios



A network of individual and team spaces nestled in inspiring places.

Care packages ❤️

We are excited to be working with some of the world's top manufacturers that fit the EASI ethos to assemble a range of care packages that improve your health and productivity whilst working from home or the office. Contact us to find out more.


Product Spotlight



This revolutionary Smart Diffuser is simple to use; plug it in, pop in the fragrance capsule of your choice, and hit the “play” button, just like you play music. Adjust the intensity as you would the volume to find the perfect scent setting.


The right scents contribute to overall employee wellness and is proven to increase productivity and good health.

Product Spotlight



Find your best view, save desk space and discover your most productive self, thanks to the LX monitor arm. Place your screen where you need it with patented Constant Force™ Technology, and then reclaim a space full of opportunities by folding the arm and pushing it aside during a much-needed screen break.   


We can't find a better monitor arm on the market. Super solid design yet lightweight. Looks great too!


Product Spotlight



Moodsonic is a technology company working with sound, design and science. Their products are designed for people, with the aim of improving wellbeing, productivity and healing in indoor spaces through sound.


Sound or ‘Acoustics’ play a fundamental part in providing a suitable auditory space where the sounds of nature reduce stress and increase productivity.

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